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McTrax means you can make beats whilst eating your burger…


McDonald’s has worked with a team of Dutch designers to produce McTrax, a placemat that’s also a music production station.

The global burger giant surprised customers in the Netherlands when they unveiled the musical placemat in stores on Friday 22nd April. It uses paper printed with conductive ink to connect to a customer’s smartphone via Bluetooth, which is then used as a screen and speaker.

The placemat contains a battery and thin circuit board and has 26 digital touchpoints, in-house produced audio loops, synths and even the capability to record vocal tracks. Customers only need to download the McTrax app before sitting down with their Happy Meal to get started.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to launch McTrax outside of the Netherlands. You can watch how Dutch customers got on with the musical placemat below.

[Via: Fact]

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s digital news writer. Follow him on Twitter here.