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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
4 August 2023, 12:22

Mdou Moctar launches crowdfunder to stay in United States amid Nigerien military coup

Mdou Moctar launches crowdfunder to stay in United States amid Nigerien military coup

Tuareg guitarist Mdou Moctar has launched a GoFundMe campaign in the hope of raising enough money for him and two of his Nigerien bandmates to stay in the US in the midst a violent uprising in Niger. 

The acclaimed eponymous frontman had been touring the States with two bandmates when news hit that a coup had been attempted in their homeland, a situation compounded by limited information about what has been happening on the ground. Efforts to bring in the funds needed to cover costs began yesterday, 3rd August, with an accompanying statement on social media. 

"Last week while we were on tour our home of Niger was plunged into chaos when a coup took place. As a result, we are unable to return home to our loved ones and must remain abroad indefinitely," Moctar posted to Instagram. 

"We have launched this @gofundme to help offset the living costs associated with that. We are so appreciative of our fans and community and their unending support and are so appreciative of whatever you are able to do to help us in this unprecedented and scary time. Thank you so much."

You can donate to the campaign here

According to reports, 26th July saw members of Niger's Presidential Guard detain President Mohamed Bazoum inside his palace, in the capital Niamey, in an attempted power grab. The incident has sparked condemnation from neighbouring countries and the West African ECOWAS bloc of nations, alongside the African Union. 

While the root cause of the rebellion is still unclear, Al Jazeera suggests analysts believe "rising cost of living and perceptions of government incompetence and corruption may have driven the guards' move". 

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