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With Miller Genuine Draft

With just two days until the Miller SoundClash 2016 Grand Final, we meet the industry insiders set to judge the competition at Marquee DayClub, in Las Vegas.

The judging team will be assessing the finalists based on technical ability, flair, creativity, superstar potential and Mixcloud popularity – so stay tuned to find out who will be crowned the 2016 Miller SoundClash champion!

2016’s Miller SoundClash judging panel consists of: 


The winner of the competition will scoop a record contract from AfterCluv Dancelab. Latin America’s premier electronic music label is an offshoot of Universal Music. They will be on hand to assist in choosing the winning DJ who will eventually be signed to the label.


The Marquee Dayclub resident DJ knows his venue and crowd inside out. He’ll be watching the DJs closely to see how well they read the crowd and work the impressive sound system.


Augusto Yepes, winner of Miller SoundClash 2015, returns to Vegas knowing exactly how the DJs will be feeling when they step onto the stage. This insight, from a finalist’s perspective, will be vital in choosing the 2016 champion.


We’ll be joining the judging team for the third year. We’ve been writing about DJs and dance music since 1991, and have broken numerous careers over the last 25 years. We know what to look for in a future star, and are excited to see the finalists doing their thing in Las Vegas.


Grammy Nominated Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Luca Pretolesi runs the Studio DMI Project. The in-demand engineer has worked with DJs and artists including Major Lazer, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Lil Jon, MakJ, Borgeous and Snoop Lion. This extensive knowledge coupled with a lifelong passion for electronic music makes him an invaluable Miller SoundClash judge.

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