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Mekka is the new 36,000 square-foot club proposed at former Pacha NYC space

The second proposed club this year…

Mekka is a new Hell’s Kitchen club being proposed by nightlife entrepreneur Glenn Raymond. The 36,000 square-foot venue would sit on the former home of Pacha NYC.

According to Raymond:  "My experience is as a fan of the music first and foremost... I have DJ'd and thrown parties... I guess you can say Mekka is owned by a fan who wants the fans to have fun."  The proposed event space would include an art gallery as well as a "museum of nightlife" and a "dance music hall of fame”.

Raymond has yet to obtain building permits as he is still awaiting approved floor plans to submit to the city. Raymond hopes to launch the club in 2018 with bookings geared towards the underground.

This is the second club proposed during 2017 to sit at 618 W 46th Street. FREQ NYC, pitched by Space Ibiza NY’s former co-owner Antonio Piacquadio, failed to materialize even after receiving approval from the community board.

The club will open during a new era in New York City nightlife, the city recently repealing their Cabaret Law and launching an official nightlife advisory board.