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MF DOOM’s ‘Dead Bent’ alternate video to be released as NFT

The original video was released in 2000

An alternative version of MF DOOM's 'Dead Bent' video is set to be released as an NFT.

After 'Dead Bent' was originally released in 1999 as part of the tracklist of the late and great rapper's 'Operation: Doomsday' LP, a music video featuring DOOM in his home city of New York, directed by Adam Bhala Lough, was released the following year.

Following MF DOOM's death in October last year, an alternative, unseen version of 'Dead Bent' is being auctioned as an NFT by Lough, with half of the proceeds going toward DOOM's estate. Filmed on 1st Avenue in the East Village, New York in November 2000, the 16MM visuals have been transferred from Kodak 7231 Plus-X Negative Black and White Film to MP4.

You can bid on the NFT via Foundation here. The NFT is currently listed with a reserve for 99.00 Ether - almost £200,000.

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