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Miami’s Catalina Hotel & Beach Club to host series of parties this week

The four days of non-stop free parties take place between 22nd and 25th March for Miami Music Week…

In conjunction with Miami Music Week, the local Catalina Hotel & Beach Club will be hosting four days of non-stop free parties.

The hotel – which boasts with two restaurants, two pools, and four bars – will be throwing a party every day from 22nd to 25th of March in different spaces on its grounds. On Thursday 22nd March (tomorrow) Seth Lowery presents #ParaisoMiami at the Maxine’s Bistro and Bar, while other parties will be held in the hotel’s Red Bar and Fung Ku areas.

On Friday 23rd, House of Love will take place in the Red Bar Destinations MIAMI takes place in Fung Ku and Seth Lowery presents #ParaisoMiami will be back in Maxine’s. 

On Saturday 24th CODE NYC and Sunrise Magazine will host House of Love at the Red Bar While Madeleine Sievens and Dharmic Soul Sessions will be at Maxine’s Bistro & Bar. Meanwhile, Techno Sushi Saturday will be at Fung Ku.

On Sunday 25th House of Love by CODE NYC and Sunrise Magazine will be back in the Red Bar while Faith Lift Party Invades Miami will be in Maxine’s. SOUL Therapy 2 (House Sessions) will also be taking place.

Entrance to these parties is free. Doors open at noon and close at midnight. You can RSVP here or tune into their live streams on Instagram @catalinahotel