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Miami City Council reopens talks to host Ultra in 2020, separate vote paves way for Homestead Speedway

The future of the iconic US festival remains uncertain...  

Miami City Council has reopened talks that could see the city host Ultra again in 2020. Meanwhile, a separate vote has paved the way for the event to be held at Homestead Speedway next year. 

March saw the most recent edition of the iconic US festival debut at Virginia Key after two decades at Bayfront Park. Despite incredible sets, the weekend was marred by problems, with shuttle bus issues leaving some attendees stranded for hours, noise complaints and a significant increase in traffic in the area. 

The team behind Ultra voluntarily withdrew the contract earlier this month, effectively ruling out returning to the new venue. 

Nevertheless, a 'Sunshine Meeting' involving Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez and various other council members was held yesterday, Tuesday 21st May, in which Keon Hardemon, one of the city's commissioners, suggested he would like organisers to consider moving back to a downtown location, possibly South Beach

Another vote, also on Tuesday, saw members of the Homestead City Council vote to extend the Homestead-Miami Speedway venue license to 2AM should Ultra want to move the action there. This is despite several residents expressing concerns regarding noise levels and drug use.