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World’s No.1 DJs get more than they bargained for...

The quickest way to get thrown out of a festival is to invade the stage. And that’s exactly what happened to a fan during Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s headline show at Tomorrowland Brazil this past weekend.

The unnamed fan  who managed to video his entire adventure backstage  managed to sneak onto the stage during the duo’s performance at Tomorrowland Brazil.

Hidden behind the stage, the fan waited for his moment before he made his move and crashed the stage during the duo’s performance.

He managed to kiss Dimitri Vegas on the cheek  who totally blushed by the way  before security appeared out of nowhere and tackled him to the floor.

Dimitri Vegas clearly saw the funny side of it, but Like Mike wasn’t too impressed with his antics and helped security subdue the fan before returning to the decks to finish off their headline show.

Moral of the story: don't sneak on stage when Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are doing their thing.

Check out the fans' video below and another video that shows the incident from the crowd's perspective.