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Mixcloud announce new live streaming video platform

Mixcloud Live is currently in beta and lets users broadcast with and without webcam visuals

Mixcloud has announced a new live streaming platform called Mixcloud Live. The new platform is currently in beta and has been rushed out earlier than they intended given the current isolation situation around the globe. Mixcloud Live offers a stream key and stream URL meaning it can be used in conjunction with any streaming software such as OBS, Wirecast etc. 

The news comes as thousands of DJs complain of copyright takedowns and problems after a huge rise in DJ streams following club closures around the world. Mixcloud is a licensed platform and, much like radio, pay a licensing fee to the relevant royalty companies who collect money on behalf of their artists. That means you shouldn't experience the same takedown and licensing issues seen on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Mixcloud stress the new service is in beta so may encounter bugs and problems.

Anyone who wants to stream on Mixcloud will need a subscription to Mixcloud Pro – there's currently a 90-day trial and it costs £9 per month after that. Read our guide on streaming from your phone and laptop for more info on how to get started with streaming and OBS.