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Mixed in Key release new plugins to help you learn music: Watch

The Captain range helps users create more dynamic compositions…

Mixed in Key have released a new series of plugins aimed at helping users learn and create more dynamic chords. The three plugins in the Captain series – Chords, Deep and Melody – are all aimed at assisting composition with suggested and experimental chord and note choices – all within a set key.

Captain Melody allows users to create melodies for their tracks, with arpeggios and preset rhythms to mix up your riff. Captain Deep is based around creating basslines that compliment your chords and melody, as well as encouraging users to try new notes, harmonies and rhythms. Together the three plugins attempt to simplify the musical process and get producers with less musical training writing more interesting compositions.

There’s also some built in sounds to test out your new chords, or you can route it into your VST of choice. All three plugins cost $79 and are available now. If you’re not musically proficient but still want to make music, Native Instruments’ new platform offers unlimited key-labeled samples for instant preview and download. Alternatively, check this recent Song Exploder with the Stranger Things theme writers for more insight into composition. You can learn more about Mixed In Key on their website.