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Mixed in Key: Studio Edition lets you find out the key of any sample or sound

The famous DJ software has set its sights on the studio…

Mixed in Key: Studio Edition is a new piece of software to help producers and musicians find out the key of any sound or sample. The plugin can analyse your music and sample library, find out the key and match samples and loops that will work together, much like the software has done for DJs for over a decade. 

The plugin can be used as analysis software or can be used in real-time on a channel in your track or even the master buss. The GUI will display the relevant keys and their fundamentals – i.e. the third, fifth notes of the scale and so on. Mixed in Key also claim the plugin can identify the pitches of drum samples, allowing you to precisely tune your percussion and kicks. 

It's a fairly simple but extremely important plugin, and if it works well, would be a vital tool in your plugin belt. At only $58, it's also a steal. Grab it here

It's not the first time Mixed in Key have made a plugin, their Captain range of plugs were released last year to help producers learn music theory.