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MoMa Ready shares new album as Gallery S: Listen

Wyatt D. Stevens on jungle, roots, dub, house and techno tips... 

MoMa Ready has shared his new album, which lands under the moniker Gallery S. 

Self-titled, and disinterested in copying anyone's musical identity, the full works are available on Bandcamp, and touch on everything from jungle, roots and dub to house and techno. 

"This project means a lot to me actually, don't want to dismiss how much it does. I make a lot of music, and shared a lot with you, but would have to say this is my most honest," MoMA Ready said on Twitter. "My brain. And how I would like to start the new decade. I hope it resonates." 

The New York producer, and founder of Haus of Altr, also known as Wyatt D. Stevens, dropped the last MoMa Ready LP, 'The NYC Dance Project', last summer, and made our November 2019 list of emerging artists you need to hear. Take a listen to a cut from the new record below to find out why, then see who made our pick for this month, and the coming year.