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Marissa Cetin
31 May 2022, 14:33

Moodymann and fellow Mahogani Music member injured in “severe auto accident”

A statement from the label confirmed that those injured are all “on the road to recovery”

Moodymann and fellow Mahogani Music member injured in “severe auto accident”

Moodymann and an unnamed person on the Mahogani Music team have been "injured in a severe auto accident," according to the label.

Mahogani Music shared the news on Instagram last night, 30th May, with a brief statement saying Kenny Dixon Jr. and "another cherished member of our Mahogani Music family" were hurt in an auto accident. The statement also confirmed that the DJ would not be able make his scheduled performance at yesterday's Where Are My Keys' Memorial Day Weekend party over Movement Detroit festival week. The label apologised for the late cancellation, while the promoter said, "We're sending nothing but love and wish for his speedy recovery." 

A few hours later, Mahogani Music posted another update: "Everyone involved in the collision is on the road to recovery. Please allow us the time and space to heal." There have been no further details provided on the accident or the recovering peoples' conditions. 

The label also said to expect changes to Moodymann's schedule. "Unfortunately we must cancel some upcoming tour dates," they wrote, with more information to come.

"Thank you for the support and well wishes," Mahogani Music concluded. 

Read the statements below.

Photo credit: Donavan Glover