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Moodymann announces expanded digital version of new album, 'Sinner'

The album was originally sold on vinyl at a barbecue in Detroit...

Moodymann has announced details of an expanded digital version of his new album, 'Sinner'.

The legendary Detroit DJ, real name Kenny Dixon Jr, will release a seven-track, digital version of the album on 21st June. The original vinyl edition of the album - which was sold on limited edition vinyl at a barbecue during Movement Detroit - included five tracks.

The forthcoming digital version will also including 'Got Me Coming Back Rite Now', which will replace the original's title track.

Pre-order 'Sinner' here and watch the video 'I'll Provide' below.

In January, Dixon Jr was arrested at gunpoint on his own property the charge of breaking and entering.

Late last year, an unreleased Moodymann album went for over $500 on Discogs.