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Moog announces new synth bundle, EP and guide

The Moog Sound Studio combines their DFAM, Subharmnicon and Mother-32

Moog has announced a new synth bundle for those who want to “enter the world of analogue synthesis for the first time or continue to explore sound in an immersive new way.” The bundle includes everything a user could need to get started with Moog’s semi-modular kit, either bundling their DFAM drum machine with their Subharmonicon or Mother-32 synths. 

The Sound Studio also comes with cables, accessories and educational tools required to get started and comes with a new seven-track EP with music from Dan Deacon, Bonobo, Julianna Barwick and more, all made using the Sound Studio. You can listen to EP here. The concept behind the bundles was informed by Moog's display show areas at expos and other public events, where they "quickly learned that users with any level of experience can feel comfortable and excited about sound exploration with the right tools, guidance, and creative space."

The Mother-32 option costs $1,399 and the Subharmonicon version is $1,449.