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Moog has reissued one of their earliest synths: Watch

And it looks epic! 

In a limited run of 25 units, Moog Music Inc is reissuing its classic ‘cabinet’ IIIc synthesizer. The mammoth unit was made famous by Wendy Carlos and Giorgio Moroder and pre-dated Moog’s most famous synth: the Minimoog. 

Made up of modules that create or control sound, the huge synths are part of a very limited run and each one will built using the original documentation, art and circuit board files.

Moog production engineer Anna Montaya said Through archival designs, so-called obsolete electronics, and outmoded production processes, we are rediscovering the magic of our past. It’s a privilege to build instruments in this way; it lets us reimagine what future tools can be.”

If you want to own a piece of electronic music history, it won’t come cheap: each of the 25 Moog Synthesizer IIICs are retailing at $35,000.  

Watch it in action below.