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Moog release new synth Sirin: Watch

The new mono has a limited run of 2,500…

Moog Music have announced a new synth called Sirin – based on the architecture and layout of their Taurus synth. Sirin – which focuses on a 'high octave experience' – extends the range of the Taurus from middle C all the way up to D8. That makes it much more versatile in performing leads lines, not just basslines. 

With a limited run of 2,500 units, the Sirin also has its own software editor which lets users access six extra LFOs as well as ADSR envelopes and more presets. The hardware synth – which Moog are calling The Analogue Messanger Of Joy – features two analogue oscillators and Moog's famous ladder filter. The synth is available from Moog's pop up event House of Electronicus in LA's Chinatown from Jan 24th to 30th and will cost £474.51. All remaining units will be distributed after the event. 

It's not the first time Moog have made a limited-run synth – their Subharmonicon synth was available to build for Moogfest last year