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More Time releases new EP from Asna and anyoneID’s Kass Kass Rizer: Listen

The tape brings a “strong club aesthetic and a new vision of African rhythms”

Photo of Asna wearing a jewelled mask and anyoneID standing behind her wearing large sunglasses
@khulnechi via Twitter

Kass Kass Rizer, the joint alias of Asna and anyoneID, have released their debut ‘Landing’ EP on More Time. Listen below.

The four-track project centres around the ‘coupé-décalé’ drum pattern, a bass-heavy and minimal style originating in Asna’s home of Côte d’Ivoire, combined with trance-y synth leads provided by anyoneID. This unique balance of organic and digital textures has become a key facet of the duo‘s sound, which combines a “strong club aesthetic and a new vision of African rhythms.”

Asna first worked with the rising Parisian DJ on the single, ‘Abissa’, released back in February 2021 through French label Blanc Manioc. Reflecting at the time in her Fresh Kicks feature for DJ Mag, she shared: “I discovered anyoneID’s music by chance on the Internet. I immediately had a shock, hearing music which was not defined by a particular genre but was without limits. In his music you can hear influences of electro, techno, baile funk, house — I thought it was amazing.”

Their new EP comes via Ahadadream and Sam Interface’s More Time imprint, which has become a breeding ground for emerging artists around the world, including Bala Bala Boyz, Leila Samir, Darama, DJ Polo, and Avernian

Kass Kass Rizer’s ‘Landing’ EP is out now, listen to it below.