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Mr. Oizo releases new Flat Eric soft toy

He now has a son called Flat Eric Junior

Mr. Oizo has released a Flat Eric-themed soft toy to mark the 20th anniversary of his hit 'Flat Beat'.

The limited edition collector's item sees Mr. Oizo teaming up with French designer Michael Dupouy and firm AllRightsReserve to create the toy, which also comes with his son, Flat Eric Junior. You can see the toy above.

The two of them will come together in a box, which is limited to 2500 copies. Flat Eric and his son attach to each other via magnets on their hands. 

You can find more information on the collector's item here, where you can also purchase one if you like. The website notes that the item is "not made for children".

You can discover the story behind 'Flat Beat' and its infamous video here, while you can watch the video below.