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It's out in January via Smalltown Supersound...

Swedish house maestro Mr. Tophat and pop princess Robyn have come together for 'Trust Me' — a three-track EP of dark disco set for release early next year. 

As if the two acts didn't have enough disco credentials behind them already, there's percussion from Abba’s original drummer, Per Lindvall, and his brother, bassist David Lindvall on the record, that's dropping via Smalltown Supersound.

I wasn’t making my own music at the time, so he forced his way into my studio and said, ‘We’re going to make music now,’” Robyn said of the pair's creative process. “It was really nice for me to be submerged into his world and lose myself in something that wasn’t my own.”

Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn’s 'Trust Me' EP is out January 13th via Smalltown Supersound — listen to the title track below.