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Mumdance releases new custom Eurorack module: Watch

The producer has teamed up ALM Busy Circuits for the MUM M8

Mumdance is releasing a new custom Eurorack module in collaboration with UK company ALM Busy Circuit. The module called MUM M8 is a low-pass filter inspired by the filter design from Akai’s iconic S950 sampler, though Mumdance, aka Jack Adams, has a added a new resonance control aswell as a saturator and dedicated VCA to the design.

Allum, already well known for incorporating modular synths into his DJ sets, has also created some short videos, once of which you can see below. It seems like every day we’re talking about modular synths – have you jumped on the wagon yet? If not, try this free clone of Mutable Instruments’ popular module Clouds.

ALM018 - 'MUM M8' from ALM on Vimeo.