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Murlo’s debut LP, ‘Dolos’, to be musically and visually reimagined in new Flashbacks project

Yamaneko is the first artist to re-interpret a chapter of 'Dolos'

Murlo has launched a new project; inviting a selection of his favourite artists to reinterpret parts of 'Dolos', his debut album. 

Once each artist has reenvisaged a chapter or track from 'Dolos', Murlo will then design new cover art to reflect the energy of the reimagined piece of music. In another bold move, Murlo brings audio and visual art together, with a project that goes beyond the usual post-album remix package. 

Released in February via his own Coil Records, 'Dolos' consisted of a 15-track album, a 36-page graphic novel, and an accompanying collection of 15 prints, all written, drawn and designed by Murlo. Following the album's release, Murlo has produced an electrifying audio-visual show, debuted at London venue EarTH, that brings the pages of his graphic novel to life. 

For the next chapter of 'Dolos', Murlo invites a few of his favourite musicians to retell a part of the story. The next installments will be released throughout autumn and winter, and the first comes courtesy of Japan-based Yamaneko

Listen to Yamaneko's 10-minute take on 'Ferment' below: 

Listen to Local Action's Ambient Resistance playlist on Spotify, which features Yamaneko.