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Music industry workers subjected to “intense and unmanageable” stress, study finds

82% of respondents said they suffered from "continuous levels of stress"...

A new study has revealed that many music industry workers are subjected to inordinately high levels of stress.

Carried out by Skiddle, it has yielded in some alarming statistics. As well as 82% of people working in the industry saying they suffered with "continuous levels of stress", the study - which interviewed over 500 promoters, venue operators and event organisers - found:

67% of respondents said they had anxiety
40% said they had struggled with depression
10% said they developed symptoms associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as a direct result of their work
65% of promoters said they frequently felt an “intense and unmanageable level of pressure”
47% said their work in music “often led to a constant feeling of anxiety and sadness.

Among the biggest worries faced by promoters, "no regular income" and "lack of support" ranked highest.

In August, a separate study revealed music can help reduce anxiety and stress levels by up to 65%.

Last December, Help Musicians UK launched a new phone line aimed at anyone who works in the music industry and might be suffering from mental health issues.

In July, James Blake opened up about the struggles he had faced with his mental health.