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Music is an integral part of our lives, study shows

New consumer report breaks down quite how long we blast the bangers every day...

Who would have thought? Music is an integral part of lives, as we listen to nearly 18 hours of music per week on average, according to a new consumer report.

The IFPI, the body that represents the recording industry worldwide, has released its annual report of insights into music consumption, and it has found that most of the 17.8 hours we listen to a day on average happens in the car. 

So if you’ve ever wondered why you end up doing laps and laps of the M25 motorway, now you know; it’s the endless house and techno you’re blaring that makes you never want to pull over and stop.

The other findings include a significantly high 86% of listeners use an on-demand streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.

And young people are the most engaged to such platforms, with 57% of 16-24 year old listeners paying for subscriptions to such services.

The report “tells the story of how recorded music is woven into the lives of fans around the world,” says Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI. “As it becomes increasingly accessible, it continues to be embraced across formats, genres and technologies.”

Soon you will be able to upload music directly to Spotify without a label or distributor. We broke down what that means here.  However, a no-deal Brexit could stop British listeners accessing Spotify in Europe.