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Music’s influence on cities explored in new book, This Must Be The Place

Out in September, the book dives into music's impact on cities, like London, Melbourne and Nashville

Music’s influence on cities explored in new book, This Must Be The Place

A new book examines the influence of music on cities, culturally and politically.

This Must Be The Place, to be published by Repeater Books and Penguin Random House on 12th September, discusses the ways music affects cities on development, management and government levels. It will follow personal stories from London, Melbourne, Nashville, Austin and Zurich to highlight the contradiction of music's significant impact on cities as its artists, venues and institutions are left neglected and unsupported by public policy. 

Author Shain Shapiro shares a preview of what's to come in the book, his first, in this recent Forbes feature, in which he presents a community-led model for arts investment. Shapiro is the founder of Sound Diplomacy, a consultancy firm for municipalities on cultural policy, and heads up the Center for Music Ecosystem, a research commissioning group that uses music to solve local- and global-level issues. 

Last December, Repeater Books published Ramzy Alwakeel's How We Used Saint Etienne to Live, an exploration of the landmark Saint Etienne album and the way the band played with the concept of memory. 

Find more information about This Must Be The Place via Penguin Random House.