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Mysteryland 2017 hosts Red Cross’ “future of emergency aid” tests

Wifi now a more immediate need than water…

Mysteryland 2017 served as a real-world testing grounds for the future of Red Cross’ disaster response methods. The tests were conducted with support from the Open-House events innovation platform.

Energy, sanitation, and lightning were key areas of focus during the Dutch festival’s two-day run 26th through 27th August. On a mission to test new forms of cheap power, the collaborative project used solar panels and windmills to replace a diesel generator; a common unsustainable power source at festivals and refugee camps alike.  

"We found out that the needs are changing in refugee camps and disasters," Red Cross spokesperson Merlin Stoffels tells local publication NOS. "Electricity is becoming increasingly important. [After a typhoon in the Philippines] I expected people to ask me for food and drink, but what they wanted was to charge their phone and Wifi. The first thing you want to do is let family know you're alive." 

A trend-setting festival, Mysteryland was the first to have a virtual reality live stream back in 2016.