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For day visitors… and gets a new 2016 date

Mysteryland USA turns three next year, and is making some fundamental changes to its 2016 set-up.

Presumably to appeal to the younger audience that the US festival has attracted online, the three-dayer is changing its age limit to 19+ for day visitors, with the Holy Ground campgrounds remaining 21+. While the festival in the past has opted for a more ‘mature’ experience, it will now open its doors to a wider audience in Bethel, New York.

It’s a major shift for the festival and an interesting development for a US festival at a time when the deaths of two teenagers at a HARD event have been widely reported (with increased age restrictions as a result).

Plus there’s a brand new date: 10th - 13th June, as opposed to Memorial Day weekend when the festival has previously fallen.  

Tickets go on sale on Monday, 9th November and can be found here.