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Olivia Stock
24 May 2023, 17:08

Nathan Micay shares new single and video, ‘It’s Recess Everywhere’: Watch

“If you want orthodox Dance Music™ there’s a lot of it out there already. This isn’t for a cue sheet. This one’s for me”

Close-up photo of Nathan Micay with a dark green background.
Mishael Philip

Nathan Micay has released a new single and video, ‘It’s Recess Everywhere’, via LuckyMe. Watch it below.

The track is plucked from Micay’s upcoming LP, ‘To The God Named Dream’, which is set for release on 4th August. It also comes with a suitably eccentric video in tow, in which a Grim Reaper-dressed figure dances around a city.

Taking inspiration from classic RPGs and featuring live banjo samples alongside Micay’s signature breaks, synth melodies and classic rave vocals, its the second single from the Toronto-born, Copenhagen-based DJ and producer’s second solo album, following April’s ‘Fangs’.

Speaking on the new single in press material, he explained: “‘It’s Recess Everywhere’ was the first time I ever got to use my banjo. It turned into this exploration of childhood and that feeling of anxiety you can sometimes remember from even back then.”

In keeping with the playful theme, the album’s vinyl art will contain an original multiplayer board game, designed by LuckyMe to accompany the release. Micay explained: “... a lot of electronic music became very serious, and lacked any sense of character. Any sense of humour. I’m often invited to evoke heavy emotion and melodrama in my score work and I think this naturally pushed my own music towards something altogether different.”

Stream ‘It’s Recess Everywhere’ here, and watch the video below.