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Native Instruments add new bass synth to Maschine

The 2.6.8 update also adds new chord features for Maschine Jam

Native Instruments have added a new bass synth instrument to Maschine via a new update. Version 2.6.8 adds the new mono synth, which isn’t intended to replace NI’s other offerings like Monark and Massive but instead is aimed at entry level sound designers keen to create some slick sub.

The single oscillator synth can morph between wave shapes, mimicking everything from 303s to SH101s and Minimoogs, though with a much more simple controls. The drive knob offers more aggressive sounds and adjusting the Glide and Resonance can give you some classic acid house sounds.

Elsewhere, NI have added isomorphic keyboard layout for Maschine Jam, an easier way to play melodies on the hardware. Maschine 2.6.8 is available now as a free update. If you’re more into dedicated hardware for your drums and grooves, Roland’s new TR-08 brings the 808 back to life in mini form while the SH-101 has been re-incarnated as the SH-01A. Find out more here