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Native Instruments add new pattern building features & more to Maschine

The new version 2.10 features new additions for on-the-fly track building 

Native Instruments have updated Maschine to add some new features around jamming and pattern building. Auto-Growing Patterns means you no longer have to set the length of a pattern in advance – though you can if you want. Just keep recording, once you stop, any silence will be quantised to the nearest bar. After you record you can then set a start and end point within the pattern, to set the loop to the take you liked best, for example. 

Elsewhere, on the hardware, the touch strip lighting will now indicate at which point in the pattern you are playing or recording, using the light-up LEDs. In a forum post on NI's website, product specialist Kai said of Maschine's future: "We will be focusing on features that enable you to use Patterns, Scenes and the Song-View (Timeline) in more flexible ways and working towards extended and improved Arrangement Features in MASCHINE. In the coming months, we will be putting all our efforts into these features and enhancements and hope to share the first prototype in our Beta community around March/April."