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Native Instruments introduce new FX plugin series

The Mod Pack features flange, chorus and phaser FX…

NI have introduced a new series of effects including chorus, flanger and phaser. The Mod Pack includes Choral, Flair and Phasis, three plugins with over 150 presets inspired by classic hardware rack-mounts from the last 40 years to warm leads, widen bass and create atmosphere.

Choral features four sound modes, enabling alterations to voices, sync rate, mod rate, delay time and more. Flair boasts multiple delay lines to develop tuned harmonic flanging layers and resonances, similar to classic Eventide hardware.

Phasis – which was given away as a free plugin at the end of last year – aims to redefine phasing with its Spread control and ULTRA function ideal for creating space for soulful vocal-style effects while the wah-wah and formant-style filtering are perfect for more abstract sounds.

A special upgrade price for Phasis owners is well within budget, with the whole pack for just £59.00. Find out more here.