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New 4000-capacity venue, Amuse, to open in Coney Island

It'll be launched by the team behind Williamsburg nightlcub Schimanski...

A new 4000 capacity venue called Amuse is opening in Brooklyn's Coney Island next month.

DEG Presents, the company behind Williamsburg nightclub Schimanski, are constructing a scalable 20,000-square foot cube-shaped tent within the Coney Island Art Walls centre, with the intention of putting on live music events, club nights, and private events. The venue will run between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with all the expected food and drink stalls on-site.

DEG owner Eddie Dean commented: "The objective is to create a really immersive environment for the fans to enjoy[...] It is a site that is flexible and we’re open to doing all different types of lifestyle and cultural events as well."

While any details on programming have yet to be announced, you can watch a cool graphics video of what the venue will look like below.

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On 17th August Moon.Beach will host Space Jesus at Amuse. You can learn more about that here.