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This new AI tool quickly isolates vocals from finished tracks

It could make it easier than ever for amateur producers to make unofficial remixes of their favourite tracks

A research team at streaming platform Deezer has unveiled a new tool called Spleeter that can help people to split finished, recorded tracks into separate stems for vocals, drums, bass and other elements.

The tool which has been developed using AI-related techniques makes it easier than ever for amateur producers to produce their own unofficial remixes and mash-ups of tracks of their choosing, allowing them, for example, to take the vocals from one track and place them over another.

Spleeter was made available earlier this week to everyone via Github. While it's not the first software programme to allow people to remove elements from tracks, it does boast the rather impressive feature of being able to split a track into multiple stems up to 100 times faster than real time, even if the results aren't completely perfect.

In order to get the best results from Spleeter, knowledge of command-line input is required.

Find out more about Spleeter's features via this blog post from Deezer.