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New app GRID uses personal QR codes for safer events and parties

The app aims to get events and parties restarted faster and safer

A new app called GRID aims to automate ticketing, ordering drinks and food and cloakrooms and registering your details for track and trace. The COVID-19 registration is probably the key part of the app, allowing contact tracing to be done by the venue rather than individuals, and avoids any filling in of forms on the night itself. 

The app uses QR codes to order and deliver table-service drinks and food, with staff in full PPE or can ping your device when the drinks are ready for pickup. 

You can also buy tickets and find out about events through the app, so it’s designed to be a one-stop solution for events and venues as the world begins to address how it will begin to reopen the nighttime economy. Find out more about the app here.