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New Beatchain feature, Fan Builder, uses machine learning to help artists build followers

Is this the future of reaching new fans?

Beatchain have announced a new feature, Fan Builder, that reportedly helps artists build their audience.

The distribution, data science, and digital marketing platform's new service utilises industry-leading technology and machine learning, and seems to show a significant increase in artists reaching new fans via targeted advertising.

Offering a couple of examples, Beatchain said, 'Eliza Shaddad, a London-based indie rock artist, landed more than 3,000 new fans in just one month, including close to 10,000 new profile views and 2.9 million targeted ad impressions, spending around $800 (£616). A California Instrumentalist, VCAGE, only spent $50 (£39) on Fan Builder and earned 248 new followers, 338 new listeners and 181,000 ad impressions."

Speaking about the new feature, Ben Mendoza, founder and CEO of Beatchain said, “The amazing thing about Fan Builder is that it uses data from the artist’s own social media and streaming profiles to hyper-target ads that will focus on audiences that have already shown interest in their music and brand."

This levels the playing field for independent artists and gives them access to the same tools and processes they’d get working with a marketing team at a major record label," he added.

If you're a producer or artist looking to build their audience then sign up for Beatchain here and get as a DJ Mag reader you'll get a 35% discount!