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New book celebrates hip-hop’s most influential producers

From Boom Bap to Trap will feature MF DOOM, Dr. Dre and RZA among others

A forthcoming book will celebrate some of hip-hop's most influential producers.

The work of Toronto-based writer, illustrator and rapper Riley Wallace, the 312-page From Boom Bap to Trap will profile a diverse school of hip-hop producers, from Dr. Dre, RZA and MF DOOM to lesser-known names such as Easy Mo Bee and Johnny "J."

Speaking about the project, Wallace said, "Until now, hip-hop heads have been forced to navigate a sea of wiki entries, incomplete bios and confusing credits (or none at all), which has caused some mind-melting tracks to be underappreciated or completely undiscovered. No more.”

Combining biographies and liner notes with artwork, the book - which is set to be published next year - is also crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Support it here.

News of From Boom Bap to Trap comes after the publication of Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip-Hop by Clover Hope and Rachelle Baker.