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New book explores nightclub architecture and design from the 1960s to today

The spaces that housed Italy's radical discos of the 1960s, NYC's glittering disco scene, and more  

007 L'altro mondo

A new book, Temporary Pleasure, explores nightclub architecture and design from the 1960s to today.

Created by John Leo Gillen and published by Prestel on 25th April, each chapter of the book lends its focus to a different era, beginning with the colourful hubs of the 1960s New York pop art scene and Italy’s radical discos and tracing a line through NYC disco, Detroit techno, Chicago house, UK rave culture, and iconic spots in Berlin, Ibiza and beyond.

Temporary Pleasure also includes interviews with various movers and shakers including NYC disco veteran DJ Justin Strauss and Haçienda architect Ben Kelly. See the book cover below and pick up a copy from here.

Last December, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to help fund the publishing of a new book exploring '90s rave culture and activism, 'Exist To Resist v2.0', which will follow a first instalment of the book series by photographer MATTKO, aka Matthew Smith. 

A new photobook capturing some of the UK’s most iconic clubs and festivals, 'Super Sharp Shooter', is also due to be published by Velocity Press in May 2023.

Temporary Pleasure

Lead image: L'altro mondo, Italy