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New Daft Punk podcast examines each track on ‘Discovery’: Listen

The podcast series precedes a forthcoming book on the classic album

A new podcast series taking an in-depth look at Daft Punk's classic 2001 album 'Discovery' has been launched.

The series, part of the Line Noise podcast, is presented by writer Ben Cardew, who wrote about Daft Punk's enduring influence for DJ Mag following their break up in February. Each episode will see him focus on one track from the album, with editions on classic hits 'One More Time', 'Aerodynamic' and 'Digital Love' having already been made available for listening.

The miniature podcast series is being unveiled ahead of the release of a new book that Cardew has penned on Daft Punk and 'Discovery', titled 'Daft Punk's Discovery: The Future Unfurled'. The book takes in more than 25 interviews, as well as past unreleased interview material with the French duo themselves, and will be available in paperback form, as well as in the e-book format, from September.

You can follow the Line Noise podcast, and Cardew's 'Discovery' mini-series via your usual podcast provider or via SoundCloud.

In other news, a petition to "bring back Daft Punk" was last month rejected by the UK Government, while a limited edition vinyl copy of their final album 'Random Access Memories' sold on Discogs for $2,139 back in March of this year.