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This new DJ device could mean the end for timecode vinyl: Watch

Phase allows DJs to control DVS software without the need for timecode vinyl or even a cartridge…


Phase is a new device from MWM that allows users to control DVS software without the need for a needle, cartridge or even timecode vinyl. The device sits atop any 12” vinyl record and sends signals wirelessly to a USB receiver that converts the data to a readable signal by the compatible DJ software.

By removing the vinyl and needle from the equation, MWM hope to eliminate rumble and interference issues from defective equipment or less-than-ideal surroundings. When it comes to wireless technology and live performance, latency issues are always a concern. To combat this, MWM have created their own bespoke and patented wireless communication protocol that sends over 3,400 ‘ticks’ per second – more than four times the amount of existing technology.

How this works in practice we’ll have to wait and see, but Phase is a very promising product for those who still require the tactile feel of vinyl. Wireless in the booth has a rocky history, but there’s no doubt it’s the future of how we perform. Phase could be a big step forward. If you’re not convinced by timecode and prefer the real thing, Ortofon’s new Concorde mkII range of needles have just been announced. While you’re at it, Technics’ new turntable only costs $20,000 and pay day is just around the corner.