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Algoriddim's djay AI app can now mix a whole DJ set for you

Automix AI and Neural Mix AI have both been “significantly improved”

Algoriddim’s hugely popular DJ app djay AI has a major new update for iPhone and iPad. Its Automix AI has been rebuilt from the ground up, with “fully automated” DJ sets, powered by AI and Algoriddim’s own Neural Mix feature, that separates stems of mastered stereo tracks. It allows for fluid transitions, based on more than just key and tempo, but more complex and subtle mixing techniques. 

Algoriddim CEO Karim Mosey said: “During a transition, djay can now automatically deconstruct two songs into their original components, and easily apply effects and filters to each, like adding a reverb to wash out vocals, as if it were being reconstructed by a professional sound engineer.” 

The update also brings with it a new Slicer, for chopping up audio rhythmically, and the sampler loop now has an extended recording time. djay AI as available as a free download, with the optional Pro subscription costing $6.99 per month. 

Find out more about what’s new in the video below and visit the djay AI website here