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Watch a new documentary on rave culture in Scotland

Author Graeme Armstrong offers a candid look at the scene and lifestyle that came with it

A new documentary chronicling Scotland's rave culture is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

Originally broadcast on the BBC on 24th August, 'Scotland The Rave' features best-selling author Graeme Armstrong offering a candid journey, from experiencing the day-to-day reality of gang life as a young teenager growing up in Airdrie, to discovering his passion for rave and the lifestyle that comes with it. 

Throughout the hour-long film, Armstrong - who is best known for his visceral 2020 novel The Young Team - speaks with various Scottish ravers and promoters, as well as DJs including Mallorca Lee, Scott Brown and Clyde 1's George Bowie. Watch the documentary here.

'Scotland The Rave' comes two years after the release of 'Beats', a UK rave culture drama set in Scotland during the summer of 1994.

After becoming the second UK country to remove almost all remaining pandemic restrictions, nightclubs in Scotland reopened earlier this month. It marked the first time venues in the country could operate under comparatively normal conditions after more than 500 days.

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