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Family of the 73-year-old DJ discover map that may point to whearabouts.

The family of missing DJ Derek have discovered a new lead which might point to the 73-year-olds whereabouts.

According to the Bristol Post, Derek's niece Jennifer Griffiths, who first reported him missing, found a map at his home on Friday which has led the family to believe he boarded a second bus to Dursley in Gloucestershire on the morning he went missing.

"We have found a map of South Gloucestershire in Derek's home and he has focussed on the area of Dursley drawing the letter H in a circle on a road there," Griffiths said. "We think this means hospital.”

Griffiths added, “We have figured out that after he got the bus to Thornbury that day he could have got the bus to Dursley just a few minutes later. This could explain why no one in Thornbury has seen Derek.”

Derek Serpell-Morris has now been missing for three months, he was last seen boarding a number 78 bus on the morning of 11th July from Bristol to Thornbury.

Any information about Derek’s whereabouts can be passed on to the police or his niece Jennifer via Twitter.