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New online game, Footwork Heardle, tests your track recognition

Test your footwork knowledge

New online game, Footwork Heardle, tests your track recognition

A new online game, Footwork Heardle, tests your track recognition. 

Launched on June 19th, it's based on the popular browser-based game Heardle, which itself was a music-based spin-off of the hugely popular Wordle. Created by Twitter user @FootworkMonitor and Sophie Morrison, the game follows the same core rules: players are tasked with identifying a track ID - in this instance a footwork track - based on the intro. Each player has six guesses to correctly identify it, with each hint revealing more of the intro.

Have a go at today's Footwork Heardle here.

Over the last three months, Heardle has spawned various spin-offs, including Heardle 80s, as well as versions dedicated to artists including Taylor Swift, Prince, Muse and Paramore. As one of the first genre-specific versions, Footwork Heardle could, depending on its success, pave the way for more electronic music spin-offs. Who's ready for Techno Heardle, Jungle Heardle and House Heardle?

Footwork originated in Chicago in the late '90s, emerging out of ghetto house, and pioneered by the likes of RP Boo, DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and the wider Teklife collective. Labels like Hyperdub and Planet Mu were later central in bringing footworks sounds across the world. 

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Back in March, Chicago footwork dynamo Heavee released a new EP, ‘Audio Assault’, via Hyperdub.