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New online station, Oroko Radio, launches in Accra

Karen Nyame KG, Hagan and Menzi are among the station's first group of residents

New online station, Oroko Radio, launches in Accra

A new community-focused online radio station has launched in Accra.

Oroko Radio has been set-up by Kikelomo, Nico Adomako, Naëmi Ada and Truseye with the intention of platforming work from Ghanaian artists, as well as other Afrodiasporic acts. It takes its name from the word 'Àrokò', a traditional form of non-verbal communication used in pre-literate Yoruba society.

The station has announced an initial set of 70 residents, which includes Karen Nyame KG, Menzi, Hagan, Jaymie Silk, Blaq Pages, Rvdical The Kid, SenseiLo, and Oroko co-founder Kikelomo. The Crudo Volta collective, who produced a documentary about the music scene in Ghana in 2018, will also host a show.

The full list of residents takes in artists from 15 countries, but half of the roster is based in Ghana, in-keeping with the station's aims to highlight local talent. The not-for-profit station has already begun airing shows, and can be listened to here.

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