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New radio station, EastEast.Radio, to highlight music and artists from Middle Eastern and North African countries

The platform will also showcase a diverse programme of podcasts 

A new online radio station with an emphasis on artists and music from Middle Eastern and North African countries (MENA) has launched this week. 

Delivered by EastEast.World magazine in conjunction with Cultural Creative Agency, EastEast.Radio is a 24/7 global streaming platform hosting archival and contemporary recordings to connect new audiences with the music of MENA countries. 

With exclusive collaborations from international musicians, DJs, and labels, the station aims to present a diverse line-up by spotlighting lesser-known instruments, genres, and musicians alongside emerging modern talent. 

The station will also showcase a programme of podcasts complimenting EastEast.World’s written content to stimulate fresh conversations about a variety of topics in the global music scene - from the decolonization of musicology to contemporary philosophy, book reviews, and introductions to traditional music genres.

EastEast.Radio’s inaugural recordings feature the likes of Sublime Frequencies, Ostinato Records, Debora Ipekel, Ashiqs, and Canary Records. You can listen to them here.