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This new soft synth offers endless crazy modulation

Zone is the first synth from new company Audiaire…

Zone is a new synth from Audaire that offers crazy endless modulations via a step sequencer interface. Soft launched earlier this week, Zone is based around a step sequencer with variable step amounts and rates as well as endless lanes. Each sequencer lane can modulate any parameter by dragging and dropping the control onto the sequencer pane.

Each modulation rate can be sync'd to the BPM of the project or free-run, while each lane can also have different step lengths. For example, one lane could run at 1/8ths over eight steps and the next could run at 1/32nd nine steps for crazy polyrhythms and complex modulation. 

If all of that sounds confusing, don't worry there's a video below to explain all and the new synth comes with a free trial to get your head around how it works. There's also a bunch of wavetavles sampled from classic analogue kit and presets come from producers like Louis La Roche and Sharooz, who designed the synth. Alternatively you can buy it for £99 or Rent-To-Buy from Splice at $9.99 a month which will be available soon. 

If complex modulation is your MO, Tangible Waves have created a starter-kit modular synth for under £300 and while you're on a plugin subscription tip, you can now get SSL's whole plugin suite on sub too for $14.99 a month