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This new technology allows deaf people to experience live music

The kit uses vibrations to create the experience of different instruments on the body...

A new piece of groundbreaking technology aims to give people with deafness the ability to experience live music in a new way.

The technology, made in collaboration between collaboration between Avnet and Not Impossible Labs, was demonstrated last weekend in Las Vegas during the Life is Beautiful Festival. Members of the Deaf community were invited, along with hearing concertgoers, to wear specially designed lightweight vests with wrist and ankle bands while a band performed on stage.

The kit worn by the concertgoers utilises sophisticated vibration technology in order to create an immersive sensory experience. The vibrations target different parts of the body to create distinct sensations on the skin in order to emulate each instrument being played.

The Music: Not Impossible technology is wireless and creates zero-latency vibrations in perfect synchronization with the music. The levels of vibration are adjustable, meaning that each wearer can alter their experience to their comfort.

"This is the first of several new innovations that we are excited to help Not Impossible Labs bring to life," said Avnet CEO, Bill Amelio. "It was life-changing and exhilarating to see folks from the deaf community enjoying live music, but making this experience happen was a complex problem to solve.

“Leveraging our strong understanding of technology, design, production and manufacturing, we worked closely with Not Impossible to guide the process and ensure our collaboration would bring this technology to everyone,” he added. “And this is only the beginning. We're now working with Not Impossible on additional VibrotextileTM products, extending beyond entertainment to therapy, communication and safety that will improve the lives of many."

For more info on Music: Not Impossible, you can visit their website.