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A new vinyl pressing plant and label, Mother Tongue, opens in Italy

It will also serve as a distributor and online store...

A new vinyl pressing plant and label, Mother Tongue, will open for business in Italy on 4th May. 

Patrick Gibin is behind the endeavour, a producer whose work has appeared on the likes of Eglo Records, the imprint set up by Alexander Nut and Floating Points which marks a decade in the game this year. 

Based out of Verona, a city perhaps best known as the home of Romeo & Juliet, Mother Tongue is billed as an EU-funded project that intends to support independent artists and labels. 

The first release will come in the form of an album, 'Butterflying', which is the handiwork of producer, drummer and composer Tommaso Cappellato. 

This is the latest in a string of announcements involving new vinyl pressing plants. Vancouver recently welcomed its first new plant in 30 years, another operation is set to arrive in Liverpool next year, and in Chicago local artists now have the option to have wax produced in town after two decades without.