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New vinyl public library opens in Brooklyn

The dedicated vinyl section with launches with 400 records, including LPs by Arthur Russell, Notorious B.I.G., Erykah Badu and Prince, and multiple listening stations

New vinyl public library opens in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Public Library now has a dedicated vinyl section complete with listening stations.

Located at its Grand Army Plaza Central Library next to Prospect Park, the vinyl library allows teen and adult members to browse LPs and borrow up to three at a time for a maximum of three weeks. The pilot project currently contains around 400 records — spanning genres jazz, pop, disco, hip-hop, house, classical, funk, soul and more and features the likes of Arthur Russell, Erykah Badu, Talking Heads, ABBA, Notorious B.I.G., Prince and Park Hye Jin — and is hoping to add more. You can browse all the records here.

The library will soon host educational programmes on audio production, DJing and music coding, according to The Vinyl Factory. The BPL website also has information for vinyl newbies on how to properly handle records and turntables.

BPL has pulled highlights from the collection from New York's own artists — check it out here.

See photos from the vinyl library launch party.

Photo credit: Ajay Suresh