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New York City government to create nightlife office and nightlife task force

Will be a go between the council and those who work in the industry...

New York City's Consumer Affairs Committee has voted in favour of creating a nightlife office and nightlife task force.

The news comes as part of Mayor's larger "New York Works" ten-year economic initiative.

As part of the initiative their will be Nighttime Ambassador, whose main role will be to act as a go between the council and those who work in the nighttime economy in the city.

The nighttime ambassador will also provide "support with licensing and permits" and will eventually lead to "providing financial support for legal services, architectural services, and safety improvements.”

“New York City nightlife is second to none and is a major reason why people around the world flock here to live and visit," said Julie Menin, New York City's Media and Entertainment commissioner on today's announcement.

"It is also a vital part of the city’s economy generating hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic output. Yet in recent years, over 20 percent of small music venues in the city have closed. Our office aims to work with various stakeholders to both support the industry and ensure that community concerns are being addressed.”

The announcement noted that other cultural capitals — including London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin — all have offices and czars dedicated to their nighttime economies, resulting in reductions in noise complaints and an increase in economic development, something New York's Mayor hopes to replicated with his initiative.